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Web Design Questions

Do I own the website when it's finished?

Yes, you do. We offer 12 month rolling contracts, so you will only be committed to paying the monthly fee for the first 12 months (until the website is paid off).

What happens after the first 12 months?

Since we operate on 12 month rolling contracts, if you are happy with the service you can sign on for another 12 month term.

If you'd like to host your website on your own, we will be happy to initiate the transfer of your site.

Do you really offer a full redesign after 2 years?

It's good practice to redesign your website every 2-3 years to keep your website's design fresh and modern. To reward clients for their loyalty, we offer this service free of charge after completing two (12) month rolling contracts.

What type of websites do you build?

We specialize in designs that get you more business, whether you sell a service or run an e-commerce store.

All of our websites are built on WordPress with the premium Divi theme, where we extend our lifetime license to you for as long as you own the site.

Do you really offer unlimited updates?

Yes, we do. If you need something added or taken away from your website while we are managing it, we will do it for you as part of our managed hosting service. All you have to do is send us an email with the changes, and we will get it done within 24 hours (usually much faster).

Updates, however, do not include a complete redesign of your website. This would be an additional fee.

How many products can I have in my store?

We can create an e-commerce store with as many products as you need, however, our pricing is based on a total of (50) individual products and their variations.

If you have more than this, reach out so we can give you a custom quote. Contact us HERE.

What about email accounts?

You have two options when it comes to email:

- We can create unlimited emails on our server for your business ([email protected]).

- You can sign-up for Google's Gsuite and we will connect that account to your website.

What about SEO for my website?

SEO (search engine optimization) is very important to help search engines like Google rank your website and allow it to appear more regularly in search.

All websites are built with on-page SEO best practices, however, to boost the effectiveness of this strategy, we also offer a customized Local SEO service for your small business.