Designing the customer journey

A quality website brings visitors on a customer journey from awareness to action; that is the goal of my designs. It’s broken into four parts:

Customer awareness in web design

1) Client Awareness

The first step is to make clients aware of what you do – what problem do you solve with your service that they are struggling with.

There is an effective way to do this with your website, however, there needs to be specific elements present on your homepage, as well as structuring your website to convert those visitors into clients.

2) Client Interest

Once they are aware of the problem(s) you solve, we need to generate interest in the benefits of your service.

This is also an opportunity to overcome any of the objections they may have about working with you, such as price or time involved.

We want to encourage prospective clients to dig deeper and research.

Customer awareness in web design
Customer awareness in web design

3) Client Desire

At this stage, they are interested in your business – now it’s time to make an emotional connection with them, connecting with your brand.

I use something called a ‘Founder’s Note’ to do this. I speak directly to prospective clients in this section of my website, telling them I understand where they are and where they want to be, and how I can help them get there.

This is the stage where they go from liking what you have to offer to wanting it.

4) Client Action

The final step is for your prospective client reach out to your business and take the next step.

For some, it’s filling out your lead form, booking a discovery call or initial consultation.

For others, it may be signing up to receive your lead magnet (free guide, ebook, mini-course). Either way, they are taking an action you’ve laid out for them.

Customer awareness in web design

Building The System

There are three components to my web design system. They are:

Professional Website

A design that gives your business the best chance of converting visitors into clients. It includes:


12 Pages

Home, Service(s), Booking Calendar, Lead Magnet, About, Contact, Pricing, FAQs, Thank You, Testimonials, Policy Pages


Conversion-Based Design

My designs are created specifically to help guide visitors on your customer journey and get them to take your main call-to-action.


Clean & Simple Web Copy

The concept here is to provide the right amount of text without overwhelming prospects. I rewrite your web copy to help improve your conversions.

Web design to generate more business
Building a client funnel to get you more clients

Lead Magnet

Did you know that 80-90% of visitors to your website are not ready TODAY to hire you? You need a way to keep in contact with these prospects to build and nuture a relationship.

To do this, I design and build your business a lead magnet to capture your prospects’ name and email. This gives you an opportunity to get them to know, like, and trust your company.

The lead magnet could be:


The Ultimate Guide To....


10-15 Page Ebook


Detailed Checklist


A Swipe File

Client Funnel

I create a custom client funnel to bring potential clients from awareness to action – all on autopilot.

This is done by building a Welcome Email Sequence – a series of five emails that helps prospects:


Solve A Problem

With your lead magnet


Get To Know, Like, & Trust You

Learn more about what you do, how you do it, and what past clients have to say about their experience working with you


Recognize Your Expertise

Through your helpful content


Figure Out Next Steps

Making it easy for them to know how to get started working with you and your company

Email marketing to generate you more business

Web Design Tools

These are the tools & integrations we use to put the system on autopilot

Calendly appointment integration

Website Scheduling App

It’s time to eliminate the ‘Contact Us’ page as the main action you want potential clients to take. 

With Calendly integrated into your new web design, you give prospects and easy and efficient way to schedule things like:


Initial Consultations


Discovery Calls



Calendly removes the friction of back-and-forth emails and makes it clear what you want prospects to do.

Customer Relationship Management

Once you have an interested lead, you need to provide them with some way of expressing interest. This is done by having them complete a lead form.

Sure, you could have that form emailed to you, but then you’d have to try and keep track of everything manually. There’s a better way – using a CRM like 17hats.

17hats organizes all of your leads and allows you to create a unique workflow based on the answers they provided you. And the best part, it’s all automated. Things like:


Sending Welcome Emails


Automating Your Customer Journey


Sending Questionnaires, Proposals, & Contracts

We set-up and integrate 17hats into your website and create your initial workflow so you can focus on your clients, not the technology.

Calendly appointment integration
Calendly appointment integration

Email Marketing Automation

For the 80-90% of prospective clients who aren’t ready to hire you today, you need a way to get them to know, like, and trust you.

This is done by first capturing their name & email so you can market to them over time. But why would they willingly provide that to you?

Because you’re offering them something of value (your lead magnet) in exchange for their email. Once you have it, you can:


Send Them Your Welcome Email Sequence


Build That Likeability & Trust


Demonstrate Your Expertise


Create Multiple Touch Points

I build your lead magnet and welcome email sequence and put it on autopilot so it can work for you 24/7.