Software Tour For Chiropractors

 As a chiropractor, you may be considering incorporating some software into your business to make it easier for clients to book their appointments online, to have a better overview of your entire business, to see how it’s doing, and to automate some of the tasks that you’ve been doing manually. In today’s video, I’m going to walk you through a software that I recommend for my chiropractic clients.

It’s called Cliniko. If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

 Let’s take a tour of Clinico so you can see what options are available for you if you decide to use this type of software.

When you first log in, you’re going to land on the dashboard. You’ll see the options here on the left side will help you navigate through the entire system. You have a message board here.

You can create a message and this will show up for any other staff members that are logged in. Treatment notes are here on the side, so if you have some draft treatment notes that you need to finish, they’ll be reminders here and if you decide to go with text messaging for your patients the recent SMS replies from your patients will be right here in this section.

What you’ll mostly use with this system once it’s set up is appointments, and this is going to be a calendar view of your upcoming appointments for that week. You’ll be able to see how many people are on a wait list if you offer that option. Cliniko will show all of your current patients and you can also show archived patients that may have not come in for six months.

You can archive them and you’ll be able to show those right here. This is a test account, so I just created one client. When you click on a patient, you’ll be shown all of their information, like treatment notes for each of these patients.

You have the option of adding a body chart as well. If they have any open invoices, it will show that invoice as well.

Then if we go down to reports – this is an important tab because you’ll be able to see a nice overview of your entire practice; how many appointments have been scheduled, how many a missed appointments, any upcoming birthdays, daily payments payment summaries, and referral sources.

I recommend checking reports on a regular basis to see where are your referrals are coming from. This way, you can alter your marketing and put more emphasis on the marketing channels that are producing results.

You can see performance by practitioner, revenue by closed invoices – there are a lot of options right here.

And then this section right here for settings, this is where you start when you’re building your Cliniko account. You’ll want to start here with your chiropractic clients.

We build out our chiropractic clients’ entire Cliniko system for them, however, I want to show you a few things here.

One is online bookings – this section is really important. If you decide to use Cliniko, you definitely want to use their booking automation so you can offer online bookings – not only on your website, but also on your Google business profile and any other niche directories that you’re listed on.

You’re going to see here treatment note templates, patient form templates. This is what patients would fill out online when they schedule an appointment for the first time. Body chart templates, there’s a lot of different templates here for you can to start with. Cliniko gives you a few to start with, and then you can create your own customized templates.

The communication tab is where you create appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, and appointment cancellations. You can decide whether to use email, SMS, or both.

If you’re using another type of software and you decide to try Cliniko, you can import all of your patients, all of your treatment notes directly from this area, the data and docs section.

Cliniko is nice because you can add as many users as you want. So if you have several receptionists or people answering the phones and scheduling appointments, you can add those. And that’s free of charge.

Cliniko only charges based on practitioners, not based on users. And then there’s several integrations that you can connect Cliniko with, particularly Stripe, for processing payments, if you’d like to collect payments online, maybe a deposit before they schedule their appointment.

You can also connect MailChimp for email marketing. This system is very versatile.

The main areas that you’re going to be focused on are appointments and patients. And once a patient is added, you’re going to be go able to go in and add treatment notes and body charts as you see right here.

You can actually write on the chart as well as. Do indications of different areas that they’re having issues with and these can be updated each time a patient comes in.

Think of Cliniko as a customer relationship management software, but for chiropractors – it has everything that you need, all in one place, and it’s all on the cloud.

I hope this information was helpful.

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