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My process

SuperGlass is a windshield repair company and was looking for a complete redesign of their website. The company wanted to generate more leads from their healthy Google reviews, and start running Google Ads.

They knew they needed a design that was easy to navigate, especially on mobile, where most of their traffic was coming from. Here’s what design strategy I took, and the results they experienced.

01  Design

We decided the best thing for SuperGlass was a landing page style site. Easy to navigate on mobile, with enough room to show the value they create with their service.

I designed their new site to have the same call-to-action in multiple places, which was to call to get an estimate. I included a sampling of their amazing testimonials, as well as before & after images of their excellent repair work. 

I chose to create a short forty-second promotional video to highlight their work and many dealerships that trust them, which added to their social proof. The video also prevented visitors from having to scroll – it was all in one place.

Google ads management

02  Build

I decided to build this site using WordPress with a premium theme – Divi. It was important to the company that they could track the number of calls coming directly from their new website.

We decided to integrate Call Rail into the CTA buttons so they could track web calls. I also built a thank you page for any form submissions from their site.

This allowed them to easily track conversions through Google Analytics. 

03  Finished Product

SuperGlass’ website went from an outdated site with walls of text and no clear CTA to a well-designed, modern website that:

    • has a clear CTA
    • demonstrates their expertise
    • makes it easy to track their KPI’s
    • is now fully responsive

SuperGlass was happy with the end result, and have since seen an increase in retail sales of 210%.