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Mortgage Brokerage

My process

I wanted to include a concept website here to illustrate my thinking on an industry with fierce competition. How would I approach a website design that allowed the company to stand out from their competition and provide real value.

01  Design

I started by putting myself in the shoes of a potential client, one where this was their first mortgage. What would I need to know? What would I want to learn before I made a decision on hiring this mortgage broker?

While researching this industry, I noticed a trend: most of the websites I came across were very dry and corporate, with limited images and suprisingly, no effective lead magnet. I knew this would be part of the design.

02  Build

I built this concept site with plenty of relevant images, a compelling Lead Magnet with a discreet pop-up at the bottom of the home page so as not to distract visitors. 

I also built out a full blog, which will help with their SEO as well as a mortgage calculator to help potential clients determine the amount of mortgage they can afford.

Easy to navigate, easy to find the relevant information a potential client would need – this website checks all the boxes.

03  Finished Product

Although this wasn’t a website I built for a client, it demonstrates:

    • the importance of a strong call-to-action
    • the effective use of a lead magnet to generate leads
    • the importance of a blog to better your local SEO
    • how images & video can help reinforce your message