Onboard More Chiropractic Patients

 Attention chiropractors. In today’s quick tip, let me show you a simple tool you can use to dramatically increase the amount of patients you onboard into your practice. If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

 The key to onboarding clients is to make it really easy for them to get onto your calendar. Let me show you what a typical chiropractic website does, and then I’ll show you a better option. So, if you notice right here, the main call to action is the contact page, which is a mistake. They should really be highlighting the appointments page.

However, when we click on this, they have a form that a potential patient has to fill out, and when they click submit, they have to wait to hear back from your office. What if this form was filled out on a Friday evening, and your office doesn’t open until Monday.

Now they’re waiting two or three days to hear from you. Let me show you a better way.

It’s to build in a booking automation directly into your website. The main call to action is a ‘Request Appointment’ button, both in the hero section of your website and in the top navigation bar.

When a patient clicks on this, they can schedule their appointment directly on your website.

So let’s say that this is the first time that they’re coming to you. They want to set up a first appointment. They click select, then they select their day and their time. Then all they have to do is fill out their name and a little bit of information and complete the booking.

This is built with a practice management software for chiropractors called Cliniko.

What’s nice about this booking software – when they complete the booking, they will get an email to confirm that booking. And they will also get appointment reminders either through email or through email and text.

This helps alleviate a lot of the no-shows.

Using a booking automation is a much better way to go about increasing the amount of patients that book because it gives them instant access to your calendar.

If they have to wait several days to hear back from a from your office, then you’re the chances of them booking become less and less. If they are a first-time patient, they may be looking at other chiropractors as well.

If they fill out the form on your website and are waiting to hear back from your office, chances are, they may be looking into other chiropractors as well. If one of your competitors has a booking automation – you may well lose that patient to another office.

One really interesting thing about booking automations – when you incorporate this into your business, you’re going to find that 60% of the bookings occur outside your normal business hours. Just imagine how many patients you’re losing by not having a tool like this built right into your to your business.

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