Google Review Hack

 If you’ve ever requested a review for your Google Business profile, you’ll know that the link they give you is very difficult to remember. It’s ugly, and to be honest, it looks like a spam link to me. In today’s quick tip, I’ll show you how to make that link easy to remember and on-brand with just a few simple clicks.

 The first thing you’re going to do is go to Google and type in your business name. Make sure you’re logged in to the Gmail account that manages your Google Business Profile.

You’re going see all these options here. Select “Ask for Reviews” and a little window will pop up with your unique review link.

Take that link and copy it. It should start with ‘’. Once you have that copied, go to your hosting provider and create a subdomain.

Let’s say your website is, your subdomain will be

So you just type in the word ‘review’, create your subdomain then create a 301 redirect.

Find the ‘Redirect’ section in your hosting account, select your ‘review’ subdomain, and redirect it to your Google My Business review link (the one that starts with

Make sure you select ‘permanent 301 redirect’.

Now you have a custom review link:, that you can share with clients. It’s easy to remember and on-brand.

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