Google My Business Product Hack

 In today’s quick tip, I’m going to show you a Google My Business trick you can use to start showing up for more local searches. If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

 When you log into your Google Business profile, you’re going to see some controls here on the left and your knowledge panel on the right. I want you to notice something over here. This is a service business. They do windshield repairs, yet we’ve added products to their Google business profile. This is the little trick.

Your service IS the product. So this business has four different services they offer. So what we did, instead of going into edit services like this and adding a bunch of custom services that actually dilutes your Google business profile – a better way is to go into ‘Edit Products’ and you’re going to add a product line for each of the services that your business offers.

In this situation, they have four different services, windshield repair, glass scratch repair, headlight restoration, and hard water stain removal. So let’s go into one of these. When you add product, this is what it’s going to look like. You’re going to start by adding the product name. This would be the service that you offer.

Make sure that there’s a keyword in here. This business ranks pretty well for windshield chip repair or windshield stone shot repair. We decided to go with windshield chip repair. You’re going to select a category, so you want to create a category for each of the services your local business offers.

So if you use the dropdown here, you’ll see when you first start, you can create a new category. I’ve created four different categories for the four different products. We’ve selected windshield repair. You can put a price if you want or leave this blank. And then for the product description, we just repeat the product name.

You can write out a more detailed description if you’d like. You have up to a thousand characters here.

And then here’s the really important part. The product landing page url. This is optional, but you definitely want to add this and direct any traffic to that specific page for this service on their website.

They have a windshield repair page, so we’re redirecting this to the windshield repair page. This will actually help Google recognize these services without diluting your profile. So you want do this. All the services that you offer, create a category for each service and create a product for each service.

That way your products or your services will show up here and you won’t be diluting your profile by having multiple custom services.

One other tip – make sure that you only have one category that your business is listed under. This is glass repair service. That’s their main category.

We don’t add any other categories. We differentiate the different services by adding products.

I hope this information was helpful.

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