Get Your Local Business In the Google Map Pack

Here’s a quick tip on how to help your local business start showing up more often in that coveted position at the top of Google in the Google Map Pack.

 When it comes to your Google business profile, the interactions between your customers and your profile are really important, and they carry a lot of weight in the eyes of Google.

What are some of those interactions? Well, a customer can:

  • Upload a photo
  • Leave you a review
  • Ask you a question
  • They can message you
  • Or they can call your business directly.

How quickly you respond is really important when it comes to reviews and questions, if you’re running your Google Business profile on your own, I would suggest responding within 24 hours.

If you have messaging turned on, I would suggest within one hour you should respond.

And if a customer is calling your business, you want to make sure that someone is answering that phone call because Google can tell whether or not you’re answering the call or if it’s going to voicemail.

The more active and quick you respond to these interactions, the better.

When it comes to messaging, a great tip would be to download the Google Maps App onto your phone and turn notifications on.

 That way anytime someone sends you a message, you’ll immediately get a notification on your phone and you can respond quickly.

I hope this was helpful.

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