Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific businesses you work with?

We specialize in working with small to medium sized service businesses that are looking for a new website or a redesign of their existing site.

Will I own the website when it's finished?

Yes, absolutely. When your website is finished, you have full ownership of your site and the design.

From that point, we only act as your site’s webmaster & host your website on our dedicated servers for better performance & security.

What about hosting my new website?

Once your new website is complete, we host your site on our dedicated servers and you are automatically enrolled in our Website Care Plan for one year.

After that year, if you’d prefer to move your website to a new hosting provider, we will help you make the transitiion.

Read more about our Care Plan HERE

What do I need to get started?

You will need a registered domain name to get started. If you don’t have one, we will help you acquire it.

How much does this cost?

You can find pricing information HERE

What is the timeline?

A custom website normally takes 4 weeks to complete. Plan on 3 weeks for the lead funnel, and our single page sites take approximately 7 days.

What can extend this timeline is the speed in which you provide us with all of your content (images, completing our onboarding questionnaire, etc).

We’ve developed a custom client portal that makes it easy to collect your content and communicate with you so you are always up-to-date on the progress of your project.

How will my site look on mobile?

We spend a lot of time optimizing your new website for mobile responsiveness so it will look amazing on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

What if I just want more clients - not a new website?

For those businesses only looking for lead generation, I offer a Lead Funnel Package.

This includes a custom landing page, lead magnet creation, and an email automation sequence to capture and convert more leads to clients.

Read more about it HERE

What about SEO?

SEO is search-engine-optimization. Search engines like Google look for websites with key content and structures in place. They reward websites with a higher ranking if your site checks certain boxes.

Each website we build is designed with on-site SEO optimization. This includes navigation structure, page structure, keywords related to your field, as well as image alt tags, meta-descriptions, and the correct headers in place to let Google’s algorithms rank your site better.