Find Business Directories For Your Local Business

 Here’s a quick tip on how to find business directories to get listed on to build more online visibility for your local business.

 So let’s say you’re a chiropractor in New York City and you are trying to figure out which business directories to get listed on.

 Go to Google and you’re going to type in “Top Chiropractors, New York City” or “Best chiropractors, New York City.”

Scroll down past the Map Pack and Google will show you which business directories they’ve indexed.

 And you want to be listed on probably about five or six. So, we have Yelp, we have,,, and, so that’s about six. And you would just go in here and you’d get your business listed on each of these directories as well as your Google business profile.

That will give you the visibility that you need for the places that people are searching.

They’re going to search on Google, but they’re also going to search on these directories. So get listed there. Obviously if you’re a general contractor, these directories will be different.

Yelp probably will be here, but there’ll be other directories like Angie and Home Advisor.

This is just a quick tip on how to find other business directories to get listed on for your business.

Hope this helps.

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